CBTEC Collaboration

CBTEC Collaboration

We are pleased to inform that Ingemar Pongratz has through Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting established a collaboration with the Finnish startup, CBTEC.

CBTEC is the developer Eliademy,a learning platform that connects learners and instructors together to learn anytime, anywhere. These course also commonly known as MOOC’s (Massive Online Open Courses) provide interesting possibilities for EU funded projects to inform stakeholders and the community of the results that have been obtained.

We are entering this partnership in belief that Eliademy will be a great communication platform for EU project communication.

Through the Eliademy platform for MOOC courses, EU funded projects can present ideas and insights about their research activities and present their scientific results.

These results can be presented as a MOOC course and can include several modules where the modules cover specific aspects.

The audience can learn about the EU project research outcomes and in addition, the participants can share their ideas, questions and learn about the EU funded project and the results obtained within the course environment.

Eliademy provides the precise platform for EU projects to engage with the community in a truly trans-European and global fashion.

 Picture courtesy of jscreationzs and Freedigitalphotos

Picture courtesy of jscreationzs and Freedigitalphotos

In addition, Eliademy, allows users to share ideas and exchange views outside of the course environment, making the interaction between EU funded projects and the community a truly two way experience.

We are very excited about the possibility to use this platform and to develop the first courses.

If you would like to get in touch with us or if you have ideas of possible courses to develop please contact us through the contact form or please send us an email message.


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