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EU Proposal Review:

Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting has received several requests from different clients to support them to review of proposal for different Horizon 2020 funding schemes.

Given the demand from different clients for this service we have decided to include this possibility in our range of services that we will be providing to our customers.

For clients and EU project Consortia who wish to prepare the proposal independently and obtain advice we have developed a process to support our clients preparing a proposal.

Our approach includes mentoring (which can be remote or personal) where we will together discuss the topic that the consortium is aiming for. Together with the Consortium, a Consortium Core group or the Coordinator we will go through the topic description and identify keywords in the description that need to be considered in the proposal.

We will also our suggestion on the composition of the current consortium and if there are areas that need to be reinforced or changed to better meet the requirement from the European Commission.

We will also discuss the writing process, the time required for the writing the proposal and the time that is required to make sure that the consortium best can benefit from our experience and expertise in EU proposal preparation.

Of course, we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate the consortium but as always it is really important to give the process time so that the proposal can be as good as possible.

If you are interested in our help in this area please contact us either using the Online Contact Form or send us an email.





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