Project Communication

CASCADE1Project Communication Activities:

In the Horizon 2020 scheme, EU funded project need to develop an ambitious set of communication activities, and to interact with the community, different stakeholders and researchers. For this purpose Horizon 2020 projects need to develop  well planned and executed set of communication and dissemination activities to ensure maximal benefit for the performers and for the community.

In Horizon 2020 EU funded projects, efficient Communication activities have been highlighted and the need for efficient and well planned communication has been highlighted. Long gone are the days where workshops, a nice logo and a homepage are sufficient. Horizon 2020 demands Communication and involvement with the community.

Ingemar Pongratz and Sofia Kuhn have long and successful experience in planning and executing Communication activities for EU funded proposals. In fact we obtained the Communication Star prize in 2011 for best EU project communication.

We have collaborated with many organizations such as WWF, authorities such as the environmental protection agency and many other stakeholders.

We can maximize the impact of your EU project. In Horizon 2020, EU funded projects need to demonstrate a high level of expertise and commitment towards communication. Furthermore, as Horizon 2020 is closer to market and highlights Innovation, Communication activities need to consider this aspect as well.

If you would like to obtain the necessary expertise to maximize the impact of your proposal do not hesitate to contacts us for further discussion.

Typically, we provide advice to consortia or if requested we can join the partnership as communication partners.

We are looking forwards to discuss your project, please send us an email or use the contact form so we can discuss your needs






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eTools for EU funded projects

eTools for EU funded projects: Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting continues with our investment to provide dedicated services specially developed for research projects such as Horizon 2020 projects and other EU or non EU funded research projects. The founder of Fenix Scientific AB, Ingemar Pongratz, has long, practical experience on what kind of tools …

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Film Documentaries

Film Documentaries for Social Media   Ingemar Pongratz has established a collaboration with film producer Lovisa Svensdotter. In collaboration with Ms Lovisa Svensdotter, Fenix Scientific AB / Pongraz Consulting can support companies, authorities and organizations to produce scientific movie documentaries. Lovisa Svensdotter is an expert film producer with a experience of producing film both for …

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Practical Project Communication

EU-Project communication In the Horizon 2020 scheme, efficient and professional communication will be a prerequisite for the applicant consortia to be successful in attracting EU funding. The proposal will need to demonstrate that you are serious in this aspect and that you respect the European Policies of Open Access while securing IPR for further commercialization. …

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Science for lay audience

Science for lay audience In Horizon 2020 funded project, the consortia need to develop a wide number of communication activities and to engage with the lay community. The projects need to provide information about the research that the consortium is performing, and how the scientific outcomes can affect the everyday life of the community. Therefore, …

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Strategic Communication

Strategic communication Research project are good examples of projects that need to plan their communication activities in advance. Research is a difficult area for the lay community to understand and mistakes in the message can lead to incorrect interpretations and problems in the future. A good understanding of how the message is received by the …

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