Shaping the Future of Horizon 2020

Shaping the Future of Horizon 2020:

Ingemar Pongratz in Berlin on Horizon 2020 Workshop

Ingemar Pongratz in Berlin on Horizon 2020 Workshop

The European Commission has published information and  input that the Advisory Groups have provided the future of Horizon 2020 and which are the likely priorities to be funded through the Horizon 2020 funding scheme.

The advisory groups provide advice and support to the European Commission. The role of the groups is thus to provide input on  the future directions of the Horizon 2020 programme. The Advisory Groups provides key information regarding the nature of the coming work programmes and coming topics to be funded.

The input provided to the European Commission by the advisory groups is freely available to the general public and as a service to our client the reports are made available here as well.

Not all reports are available but the missing reports will no doubt be made available soon


The available reports are:

  1. Health:  ag_report-health
  2. Innovation in SME: ag-report_innovation in smes
  3. Science with and for Society: ag-report_science waf society
  4. Secure Societies: ag-report_secure societies
  5. Spreading of Excellence: ag-report_spreadingexcellence
  6. Europe in a Changing World: ag-report-Europe in a changing world
  7. Marie S Curie: ag-report-Marie S Curie
  8. Research Infrastructure: ag-report-researchinfrastructures
  9. Transport: ag-report-transport
  10. Climate and Environment: Climate Action Environment

We will introduce the missing information as it becomes available.

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