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eTools for EU funded projects

eTools for EU funded projects:

Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting continues with our investment to provide dedicated services specially developed for research projects such as Horizon 2020 projects and other EU or non EU funded research projects.

The founder of Fenix Scientific AB, Ingemar Pongratz, has long, practical experience on what kind of tools are actually required to support different research projects. We have hands on experience on the functionality that is required in a project. To date, the tools available have not been specifically designed for EU funded research activities. This can many times be problematic for consortia and in fact results in expensive tools that may not be used or that contain a number of features that may not relevant for Horizon 2020 research projects.

Pongratz Consulting has attached new expertise to the company in the form of Dr Miia Klingsted. Miia Klingstedt has a background in science and defended her scientific thesis in the field of Material Science at Stockholm University. Together with Anders Elo they have extensive expertise and experience in web-page development and web-page design.

Together they have extensive experience in database development, database and homepage integration with existing user interfaces and other key expertise to develop a dedicated project management tool that is specifically development to meet the need that EU funded project may experience.

Some of the features that the tool will include will be for example easy interaction with different Social Media channels to simplify updating and project results and thus allowing the project communication efforts.

The project tools will also include other features such easy login for project participants, secure sections for personal use and for project use.

Furthermore, we will also provide support for web-design and layout and we will also support home page development and structure.

If you would like to obtain more information about how we can help you you please contact us either using the contact form or send us an email





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