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ingemar_black_and_whiteIngemar Pongratz is a researcher and EU funding specialist with a long proven record of sucesfull EU project development, project coordination and EU Communication. Previous project experience include FP6 instruments such as STREPS, Integrated projects and Network of Excellence, FP7 collaborative projects and Marie Curie projects and programmes. Ingemar Pongratz contribution to all projects included consortia development, proposal administration and planning, negotiation, coordination, planning of communication activities within the consortium and with project stakeholders. Altogether, Ingemar Pongratz has successfully attracted over 50 MEUR worth of EU funding to different organizations. Ingemar Pongratz has background in research and in particular research activities in the field of molecular nutrition and molecular toxicology. Ingemar has over 40 peer review scientific articles, reviews and in addition, Ingemar Pongratz is editor of a book highliting the risks with chemical contaminants in food. 

Hormone Disruptive Chemical Contaminants in Food

Hormone Disruptive Chemical Contaminants in Food

Ingemar Pongratz wrote also the PATHFINDER proposal for the DESCARTES prize for best EU collaborative research in 2005. This proposal was shortlisted and was one of the finalist proposals. Ingemar Pongratz  has  supervised close to 15 PhD students or Post-doctoral researchers. In his scientific activities, Ingemar Pongratz has made seminal discoveries in the field of receptor biology. Ingemar has a degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biology. Ingemar Pongratz has also develop a strong and genuine interest in Scientific Communication and Scientific DIssemination. He has participated in several campains aimed to provide scientific information to the public, and has long experience of adaptig the scientific message to the lay community. These qualities were in fact rewarded in 2011 when Ingemar Pongratz received the Communication Star prize for best EU project dissemination and communication. Ingemar Pongratz Presenting

Ingemar Pongratz Video Presentation

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