Project communication and management

Project communication and management


After the project is approved by the EC, we can assist you with the grant preparation and give full support in negotiations with the project work plan and the budget. We complete the Grant Preparation Forms (GPFs) integrating the input from all partners and help you manage the elaboration of the consortium agreement based on the partners’ feedback.


Event organisation


On a task by task basis, we can organise your kick of meeting or other workshops and meetings. Perhaps you’d like to organise a meeting in conjunction with a larger conference but don’t have the time to liaise with the conference organisers and all the logistics it entails. With our extensive network, we can also suggest relevant stakeholders to invite to your meeting or workshop.

Project management


As a managing partner in your consortium we can take on the project administration, from the preparation of the first ‘kick-off’ meeting to the last scientific report and financial audit.


Our customized project collaboration tools include tracking of the status of milestones and deliverables in a timeline, data exchange platform and file repository, events list and calendar, dedicated consortium meeting and reporting pages hosting all relevant documents and information, contact details of partners and other tools such as a wiki or a forum on an as need basis. We maintain consortium mailing lists and organise web-conferences.

EU-Project Communication


Together with Muninn Science we have extensive expertise in running EU project communication work packages. We can take on your project and devise a plan for how to best reach out based on your budget and needs. We will then take care of all your communication during the project duration from planning via putting in place all communications tools to active communication of project results to the identified target audiences.




We can train you and your consortium to be better able to deal with project reporting, time and financial management and communication of research results. With our support, project administration will become clearer and less time consuming.


If you are interested to obtain more information on how we can support you please send us a message using our contact form or by email.


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