Horizon 2020 training workshop “En Route to Horizon 2020”

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Horizon 2020 training workshop “En Route to Horizon 2020”

Fenix Scientific AB and Eurida  Research have developed a 2-days Workshop for Horizon 2020 and Funding Strategy Building.

The workshop covers the following Horizon 2020 topics:

    • Programme structure
    • Funding schemes & project types
    • Underlying EU strategies (Europe 2020, Innovation Union, Digital Agenda)
    • Topic priorities
    • Communication requirements and open access
  • Legal aspects, regulations and financial rules

We place strong focus on crucial knowledge needed for building successful funding strategies in Horizon 2020.
The creation of successful funding strategies includes building synergies to be created with complementary funding schemes.

Therefore the Horizon 2020 training workshop will include a session on funding schemes which complement Horizon 2020 programmes such as:

  • Eurostars
  • Cohesion Funds
  • Connecting Europe Facility/CEF (CEF Energy, CEF Digital, CEF Transport)
  • Life+

The workshop could also include a networking and partnership building session where workshop participants  get the opportunity to introduce their research and expertise and present initial ideas for EU-funded projects either in short presentations or posters to attract project partners or to enter existing research partnerships. We have developed a workshop Workshop homepage for more information.

If you are interested in the Horizon 2020 training workshop for example for in-house purposes or other options please do not hesitate to contact us.

A more detailed description is available for download.

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Please contact (remove the brackets)

Ingemar Pongratz: Ingemar.Pongratz(@)pongratzconsulting.com


or use the link below to the contact form (new link)

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