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Summary of our Services

Summary of our Services

We have received several enquiries from companies and different organizations asking us to provide a summary of the different types of services that we can provide in different areas related to European funding and European funded projects.

For this purpose we have collected a set of examples of different services that we can perform for our customers who require support.

In this short downloadable presentation, a summary of the different support activities is presented.

In this file we present some examples of different activities that we offer to clients who wish to identify EU funding possibilities through participation in EU funded projects, or who wish to increase and optimize their presence and visibility in the European funding arena.

If you are interested in obtaining more information please don’t hesitate to contact us, we strongly believe that all clients have different needs and through discussion we can provide the optimal offer for you and your organization.

We have only presented examples of what we can help you with so if you have other questions we suggest that you contact us for a free discussion, if we can’t help with this we can guide you to other collaborating organizations that provide the service you need.

Please use the contact form of send us an email to


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