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Strategic Communication

Strategic communication

Research project are good examples of projects that need to plan their communication activities in advance. Research is a difficult area for the lay community to understand and mistakes in the message can lead to incorrect interpretations and problems in the future.

A good understanding of how the message is received by the stakeholders and by the community is crucial to reach the objectives of a EU funded projects, namely a two way exchange of information between the project performers and the general public.

In addition, it is  important to regularly evaluate the tools for communication that are in place to ensure that the message of the EU project is received and also well understood. Pongratz Consulting can provide you with easy to follow and effective communications advice for your organisation or EU funded project.

In addition, the new Horizon 2020 scheme will put more demands on EU project communication and dissemination to ensure that the outcomes of the EU funded project are widely communicated, and with the new demands for Open Source publishing the communication plan need to be well planned and constantly evaluated to ensure that communication does not collide with Innovation.

Pongratz Consulting can help you plan the communication efforts that your EU funded project to make sure that the message is well received and well understand by the community and the stakeholders. By adapting the message to the target audience we will help you  maximize the impact of your research and at the same time make sure that the Innovation potential of the project is not put at risk.




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