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Scientific Support

Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting has extensive experience on how chemical and nutrients and other compounds affect human health. Ingemar Pongratz has Ph D in Endocrinology and also a proven research background with over 40 scientific articles published in different research journals and Ingemar Pongratz has participated in numerous collaborative research project (for example numerous EU funded projects) and developed a large network of scientific experts through his participation in these research projects.

Through Ingemar Pongratz background in research and innovation in the Life Science area, Pongratz Consulting is ideally fitted to provide scientific advice and support to clients and companies in the Life Science Area. We can for example help you review the scientific literature and summarize the State of the Art in the field to provide guidance of the necessary research that needs to be performed.

So if you require advice on if/how different substances affect human health we can provide advice and support. We will study the available scientific and lay literature and summarize this information.

In addition, through our personal contact network we can provide advice and mediate initial contacts to expert researchers so that you can establish fruitful collaboration to further develop your business idea and exploit expertise that is already available.

In many situations, we can help design a joint research project, that is strategically planned to support your business idea and will combine the expertise of many different research fields. Often these projects are ideally suited to be developed into for example Horizon 2020 projects which will reduce the required financial investment from your own sources.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to expand your contact network and increase the knowledge base of your company for the future. So if you want to further develop your research don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to organize a meeting to discuss how we can support your project.

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