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Project analysis

Project analysis

Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting can support you and provide advise on how to proceed and further develop a Life Science research project.

Maybe you have  identified a new substance that is active for treatment of different disease conditions and you see see a new commercial possibility in your project.

A key activity is to develop funding to develop your new Business and public funding is an interesting possibility in this respect. With public funding, be it from national or European sources you don’t need to dilute the ownership of your company to finance your research and validation activities.

If you consider that Public Funding is an alternative for you and your project  and you need for example help to  identify possible collaborators and new funding opportunities for your project we can support you and provide advice. Maybe you are interested and you are looking for EU funding to support your project. Many small companies are not aware of the possibilities that the different funding sources from the European Union provide to small companies.

We can help you. We can provide a clear road map of the necessary contacts that you need to take with researchers, funding organizations and other stakeholders so that you can prepare the launch of your new product.

Based on these feasibility studies we can also support you in the making the necessary contacts with different stakeholders and provide different alternatives to perform the necessary research and plan the activities that lay ahead.

So don’t hesitate to contact us, either using our Online Contact Form or by email so that we can discuss your project idea and see how we can support you.



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