Consulting Services

Consulting Services: Pongratz Consulting

Fenix Scientifc AB subsidiary Pongratz Consulting provides a wide range of consulting services to client organizations. The services are based on the expertise of Ingemar Pongratz, Sofia Kuhn and other experts.

Ingemar Pongratz has a Ph D in Life Sciences and has an extensive publication record focused on the molecular effects of chemicals and nutrients on human health. He has extensive experience in EU funded projects and in the  fundraising process for new projects. in addition, Ingemar Pongratz has experience and a proven track record in research communication and has together with Sofia Kuhn been involved in planning the Communication activities of several research projects.

Together with Sofia Kuhn, Pongratz Consulting offer Consulting Services and advice to research organizations and projects in different areas.

If you need scientific advice, organize a workshop and need to identify participants for the event, or need advice to find suitable collaborators, don’t hesitate to contact us for support.

Other examples of support activities include planning courses and workshops, identifying key opinion makers in Life Sciences and Medicine, identifying key potential speakers for your workshops and seminars and many more. In the pages below we provide an overview of the services we provide in different areas of research project management and communication.

With our extensive collaborative network we can provide an extensive assistance and support services to our clients.

So don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always open to discuss your needs and help you find solutions to your problems


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Project analysis

Project analysis Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting can support you and provide advise on how to proceed and further develop a Life Science research project. Maybe you have  identified a new substance that is active for treatment of different disease conditions and you see see a new commercial possibility in your project. A key …

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Research Project Communication

Research Communication: Making Science accessible to the general public Ingemar Pongratz and Sofia Kuhn have both proven experience in research communication, in fact Ingemar Pongratz and Sofia Kuhn are received the Communication Star Prize in 2011 for their achievements in EU project communication. In addition, our expertise in research and in communication allows us to …

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Scientific Life Science Support

Scientific Support Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting has extensive experience on how chemical and nutrients and other compounds affect human health. Ingemar Pongratz has Ph D in Endocrinology and also a proven research background with over 40 scientific articles published in different research journals and Ingemar Pongratz has participated in numerous collaborative research project …

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Strategic Project analysis

Strategic Project Analysis A challenge that many new companies or project face at early stages of the project is problem to identify and clarify a long term vision form the project and also different alternatives how to reach the long term objectives. Many times the immediate challenges of, for example, looking for capital from private …

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