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EU Proposal Preparation

EU Proposal Preparation

Do you have a great idea that you have been thinking about? Maybe you want to commercialize your idea? Or you want to expand your project portfolio but you need additional partners, advice and hands on support?

We at Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting (Ingemar Pongratz and Sofia Kuhn) are specialists in Horizon 2020 and other European funding schemes. We have participated both as administrators and as researchers in EU funded projects and we have not only theoretical experience on EU funding but we know which challenges EU projects will face.

Therefore we can help you materialize your ideas into tangible projects and provide support and advice on how to approach funding organisations. Our main area of expertise is to help customers with EU Proposal Preparation. For the coming Horizon 2020 we have performed an extensive preparation and we have studied the policy that lies behind the different Horizon 2020 pillars, giving us a decisive advantage.

EU Proposal Preparation includes many different steps, such as planning the proposal, making sure all the partners respond in time and also includes contacts with the key officials.

We can also help you approach key people, inside and outside the EU, to ensure that you do not restrict or limit your fundraising activities.

We can help you organise and administer the process and we will ensure that you move forward and avoid bottlenecks. We can identify partners for research projects, organise your first meeting and provide a bespoke training on how to best prepare and write your proposal.

Let us help you with

  • Understanding EU proposals
  • Consortium planning
  • Call analysis
  • Proposal development
  • Negotiation
  • Project implementation
  • Quality control of an existing proposal
  • Support and advice with specific sections
  • Development of a partnership
  • Full proposal planning and writing
  • Project communication planning and writing
  • Training on how to write proposals


Example of calls we can help with: Horizon 2020, Marie Curie, Structural Funds, European Social Fund, National Funding calls, International Foundations.

We can help you with the complete process of EU proposal preparation or with selected parts depending on you needs and experience. We pride ourselves of our flexibility, so we are also in a position several different payment options and packages.

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