Eurida Research Management

EURIDA Research specialises in the support of universities, SMEs, research institutes and organizations in the internationalisation of their research activities and the development and implementation of funded research projects.

Together with Pongratz Consulting we aim to establish of sustainable mid- to long-term innovation and funding concepts embedded in European and/or national strategies and funding landscapes.

EURIDA holds years of experience in various international and national funding programmes, including the European Research Framework Programme.

The 8th Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, with its aim to tackle societal challenges by helping to bridge the gap between research and the market and with international cooperation as an important cross-cutting priority is and will be at the core of EURIDA’s activities during its duration from 2014-2020.

In Horizon 2020, strategic approaches in research, interdisciplinarity, internationality and the creation of synergies with complementing funding schemes will be more important than ever.

Pongratz Consulting will together with Eurida Research management collaborate on strategy and proposal development. In addition, Pongratz Consulting and Eurida Research collaborate on Horizon 2020 training session focusing on the long term strategic concepts. In this area the vast experience of Ingemar Pongratz is ideally suited for organizations who want to establish a long term presence in the European funding arena.

If you are interested in collaboration please use the contact form to send us an message alternatively please contact




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