The New European Bauhaus Initiative

The New European Bauhaus Initiative

By Ingemar Pongratz

Stockholm 2021 by Ingemar Pongratz

Stockholm 2021 by Ingemar Pongratz

The European Green deal is the European Union (EU) action plan to meet the challenges associated with climate change. The EU has stated that the EU ambition is to become a climate neutral continent by 2050. Through the European Green Deal the Commission aims to bring together research, innovation and funding mechanisms to achieve ambitious aims including:

  • No net emission of greenhouse gas by 2050
  • Decoupling economic growth from use of natural resources
  • Involve everybody everywhere


In total the EU plans to invest 1.8 trillion EUROs through the European Green Deal. The funds includes funding from the European Recovery funds which aim to restart the European economies following the COVID pandemic.

The European Green deal provides an action plan to move towards:

  • a clean circular economy
  • to restore biodiversity
  • reduce environmental pollution.


To reach these goals Europe will invest in climate friendly technologies, decarbonize the energy sector, improve environmental standards globally and promote energy efficient building strategies.


The link between the European Green deal and the building sector goes through the New European Bauhaus initiative. The New European Bauhaus Initiative aims to provide novel insights to transform the built environment to become more friendly towards the environment and towards the planet. For example, the built environment should  incorporate multiple scientific disciplines and develop housing that promotes health, cultural exchange and well-being.

To achieve these goals, the New Bauhaus Initiative will bring together designers, architects, businesses, and other urban stakeholders to identify new urban living approaches for the future. This is in line with the European ambitions to reduce the continent’s climate impact and to become a climate neutral continent by 2050.

This would include, among other:

  • design of new climate friendly building materials,
  • better use of sustainable energy,
  • creation of green areas, parks and garden inside city limits, or even inside (or on top) of future buildings.

The New European Bauhaus Initiative is expected to have clear and strong connections to research schemes, such as the Horizon Europe research and innovation scheme. In  fact, the link between Horizon Europe and The New European Bauhaus Initiative are not well established yet and more detail is expected soon


Ingemar Pongratz is founder or Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting.  Ingemar Pongratz also established Letavis AB. Through Pongratz Consulting we help universities, enterprises, and other organizations to apply for European project funding.

Furthermore, Letavis AB exploits Ingemar Pongratz experience in the life science sector to bring new, safe and efficient products for the agricultural sector.

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Nacka 2021 by Ingemar Pongratz

Nacka 2021 by Ingemar Pongratz



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