Pongratz Consulting establishes collaboration with CBTEC

Pongratz Consulting establishes collaboration with CBTEC

We are pleased to inform that Fenix Scientific has through its consultancy service–Pongratz Consulting–established a collaboration with the global Finnish startup, CBTEC, the maker of Eliademy. Eliademy is a learning platform that connects learners and instructors together to learn anytime, anywhere.

We are entering this partnership in believe that Eliademy will be a great communication platform for EU project communication. In contrast to previous EU framework programmes, Horizon 2020 has a clear demand to engage and interact with the European population. Therefore, communication is a two-way stream compared to previous models of ordinary dissemination. Project instructors can present ideas and insights on making great applications and managing work packages while participants can share their ideas too and collaborate within the course environment. Eliademy provides the precise platform for EU projects to engage with the community in a truly trans-European and global fashion.

Our goal is to provide, using Eliademy, a tool to communicate and provide comprehensive information and explanation about Horizon 2020 for forward looking EU project coordinators. In addition, participants of the project will be able to interact with a community of EU-funded research projects, ask questions and express their hopes and concerns.

We are very excited about the possibility to use this platform and to develop the first courses. If you would like to get in touch with us or if you have ideas of possible courses to develop please contact us at


We will be happy to provide additional information


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