The Eco-innovation initiative is for organisations that have developed an environmental product, service, management practice or process which has a proven track record, yet is not fully marketed due to residual risks. It helps participants overcome those barriers to further market penetration and turn these products and processes into Europe’s future eco-innovation successes.

In order to meet the objectives of CIP Eco-innovation, your project will have to:

  • have an innovative character;
  • show clear and substantial benefits in support of Europe’s environmental policy objectives while takingeconomic concerns into account;
  • achieve significant environmental improvements;
  • provide significant replication, wider application and broader marketability;
  • demonstrate a European added value and international project dimension;
  • be well thought-through from a technical and project management perspective;
  • be cost-effective delivering higher quality through appropriate effort levels;
  • and match with the contents as described in the Call for proposals.
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