EU Parliament Approves Horizon 2020

Council of Europe

Council of Europe

EU Parliament Approves Horizon 2020 Budget

Horizon 2020 is finally approved by the European Parliament. The total budget of the Horizon 2020 scheme will be close to 80 Billion EUR, or 70.2 Billion EUR in 2011.

Together with additional funding sources the European Union will be in a position to provide considerable funding for European Research and European Industry.

The official launch day is expected to be the 11th of December 2013, with calls dealines in 2014. So it is high time to start planning for Horizon 2020 proposals, look for project partners, suitable topics and much more,

Don’t forget that there are considerable differences between Horizon 2020 and previous EU funding schemes. If you need help and advice to set up your consortium, if you need partners that can improve your Communication expertise or need connections to societal actors (key issues in Horizon 2020) don’t hesitate to contact us, we can discuss how to support you and your consortium to plan you Horizon 2020 project

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