EUREKA Eurostars Programme is a European Joint Programme dedicated to the R&D performing SMEs*, and co-funded by the European Communities and 33 EUREKA member countries.

Eurostars aims to stimulate these SMEs to lead international collaborative research and innovation projects by easing access to support and funding. It is fine-tuned to focus on the needs of SMEs, and specifically targets the development of new products, processes and services and the access to transnational and international markets.

Through this joint Programme, based on Article 185 of the Lisbon Treaty, Eurostars aims to combine the best of two worlds with a bottom-up approach, a central submission and evaluation process, and synchronized national funding in 33 countries.

* Research-performing SMEs are SMEs that dedicate at least 10% of their turnover or full-time equivalent (FTE) to research activities.

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