Human Brain FET Project funded through Horizon 2020

Human Brain FET Project funded through Horizon 2020

by Ingemar Pongratz

The European Union has recently signed a Partnership Agreement with the Human Brain Project. This agreement will allow the European Union to fund the Human Brain Project to starting from 2016 up to 2020. The Human Brain Project is a Future Enabling Technology (FET) Flagship project which aim to generate massive amount of scientific information and which runs from 2013 up to 2023.

The project includes many different partners, such as Universities, Industry and other partners and involves scientists and industrialists from many countries both from Europe and outside the Union

The project aim to deliver the necessary tools, such as IT platforms, mathematical models and other infrastructure necessary to understand the complexity of the human brain.

The agreement signed between the Human Brain project and the European Union dictates the coming activities of the project and also that European funding for the project will be provided through Horizon 2020, the European Research and Innovation funding scheme.

The funding will be released based on successful reviews conducted every 2 years

In addition, the signed Framework Agreement includes a revised Management and Governance structure, more focus on necessary infrastructure and very interestingly the transition of the Human Brain project into an independent legal structure.

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Sky over Stockholm by Ingemar Pongratz

Sky over Stockholm by Ingemar Pongratz

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