More about the future of FP9

More about the future of FP9

By Ingemar Pongratz


The final calls of the Horizon 2020 have just been published the topics and future application are being planned. In fact the deadlines are fast approaching as we speak and many of us are busy planning and structuring proposal for the final Horizon 2020 calls. So here is: More about the future of FP9.

It is interesting to keep in mind what will come after Horizon 2020. The European Commission has promised a lot of news, in the form of new funding principles and possibly new approaches and new funding structures. We here at Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting have already presented some of the new modalities that are going to be tested already in Horizon 2020 through the European Innovation Council (Here and Here for example). The Commission has selected the High Level Group which is an interesting group, with experience in investment, leading startup hubs and other activities. It is however strange that the entrepreneurial side seems under-represented with 4 members with actual start up experience…

So there will be interesting news coming up in the future. However, it is also interesting to speculate of what will come in the next framework programme FP-9.

Interestingly, the European Commission has recently stated that they consider Research and Innovation a priority area and that they would like to safeguard this area in the future and make sure that the budget for research and innovation remains strong. However, members of the European Council may not agree. In a recent interview with the Science Business, the Estonian research minister stated that the Council aims to streamline the research programme in the future.

The argument is cunning, few of us involved in European funding tend to disagree that there are far too many different funding instruments and it would make sense to reduce the number of Acronyms used for funding. However, many researchers argue that this will result in reduction in funds for research. In addition, the Commission points out that certain countries focus on certain instruments.  Cutting away certain funding instruments may have strong repercussion for individual EU member states.

Interestingly, the European Commission has basically avoided to take any side. Basically, the message from Brussels is to roll back the issue to the Council.

So obviously, there are many changes still to come in the future FP9 Research and Innovation programme. The debate will very heated and interesting in the future.


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Madeira Panorama by Ingemar Pongratz

Madeira Panorama by Ingemar Pongratz

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