The process for the next EU Framework programme starts

The process for the next EU Framework programme starts

By Ingemar Pongratz


Science|Business has recently reported of a meeting with the Director General for Research and Innovation where the future plans for the successor research and innovation programme after Horizon 2020 where discussed. Interestingly, the plans for the next Framework Programme are already ongoing. The process for the next EU Framework programme starts with several public consultations, studies and other activities

The information provided by the European Commission includes details about a public consultation which includes representatives from the industry, academic and public sector who will share their experience form the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation scheme.


In addition, the Commission is conducting a study who will identify areas that should be addressed by FP9 based on different international foresight studies performed for example by the OECD, World bank and other international authorities.

The EU Commission has stated that the Foresight study will work on two different scenarios. One scenario will be more ambitious and sees Europe and European research as a key driver in different areas such as Climate Change, Digital HealthCare, Disease prevention, just to mention a few. In addition, the Commission is discussing the possible addition of defense funding in the future FP9.

The second scenario is less ambitious and is focused on a more business as usual strategy.


Interestingly, the EU Commission plans include new strategies to capitalize from research investment and increase the contribution from research towards economic growth.

Interestingly, the Commission is also discussing the overall structure of FP9, and comparing the efficiency of the Horizon 2020 structure to other alternatives. We will of course continue to follow the developments and plans regarding FP9 as they become available.


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