Horizon 2020 selected topics

Horizon 2020 selected topics

By Ingemar Pongratz

The latest collection of Horizon 2020 topics have been presented by the European Commission and there are a number of interesting topics that will certainly attract considerable interest and most likely a large number of Horizon 2020 proposal. Here we present a few Horizon 2020 selected topics.

In this call the European Commission presents among other topics with focus on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC).

For example the EC has published a topic (BHC-27) with deadline in April 2018 which calls for research to develop testing and screening methods to identify EDC in different samples. The project should support OECD work and should connect with international EDC work. In addition, Risk assessment methodology and hazard assessment should be part of the project.

In short, an important topic which can probably be regarding as necessary work to cope with the massive amounts of chemical that the European population is exposed to on a daily basis. In fact, similar projects have been part of the European Research programmes since FP5 and possibly longer.

Later topics are also interesting (BHC-28) and include the concept of Human Exposome project. The project aims to characterize the “contribution” of environmental factors towards disease development. Clearly, environmental factors, such as EDC, nutrition, life style and other factors interact with the genetic makeup of individuals. There may thus be situations when certain individuals are affected by environmental factors whereas other individuals are not.

The individual genetic makeup can possibly explain this discrepancy. Clearly there are interesting multidisciplinary alternatives in this area where hopefully new research areas will meet in new exiting projects. Not surprising, the topic calls for introduction of new technology, data mining tools etc. Obviously, there are research fields where app and other technology has advanced considerably and could represent interesting possibilities.

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Artipelagen av Ingemar Pongratz

Artipelagen av Ingemar Pongratz

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