Brussels Workshop finalized

Brussels Workshop finalized

The joint EUCOPE-Pongratz Consulting-Eurida Research Workshop

“En Route to Horizon 20202”

has been finalized in Brussels and we are very pleased with the outcome. Participants joined the wrkshop from all across Europe and we also had the opportunity to meet representative from the United States and other non-EU member states who are looking for collaboration with European Researchers.

The workshop included speakers form the European Commission, Dr Rudolf Strohmeier, Daniel Schubart, John Stringer, Mike Edwards, Eurostars representatives, and the workshop organizers Rita Clancy and Ingemar Pongratz. During the workshop we discussed many different aspects about Horizon 2020 including International Participation, the structure of Horizon 2020 and much more.

More information, including information about non-Horizon 2020 funding will be posted in the workshop homepage and in the Pongratz consulting pages in due course.

We would also like to thank the participants for their interest and active participation in the workshop which created a nice and challenging atmosphere!

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