New Communication Service


New Communication Service

Pongratz Consulting is expanding the range of services in the area of Communication and offers clients to possibility to produce films and/or documentaries about research findings.

We are taking advantage of the collaboration between Lovisa Svensdotter and Ingemar Pongratz we can exploit Lovisa Svensdotter’s experience as film producer. Lovisa has experience producing films or documentaries either for mainstream media and/or for Social Media channels. We are therefore in a position to offer research intensive project or organizations with the possibility to present their research finding in film formats. Projects such as EU funded Horizon 2020 projects have thus the possibility to present their activity to the public using an additional communication channel.

The combination of Lovisa’s producing experience and knowledge together with Ingemar Pongratz experience in EU project communication and in research will prove very valuable in this area and will provide considerable benefit for client that are interested in our new communication service.

Film productions is of course complex and time consuming. Project that want to communicate their research using films can therefore save considerable time by using our experience and knowledge how to adapt the scientific message and scientific results into a language that is easily understood by the general public and also generates interest in the subject.

We will work closely with the scientific team to make sure the message is correct and well received. In addition, we will take of the practical details so that you can save time and focus on the research activities of the project.

It is also important to ensure that the message is well understood, to avoid misinterpretations and communication mistakes.

Pongratz Consulting can help you with the production of the films and also make sure the format is suitable for different communication channels.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion about our different communication services. Please send us a message using the Contact Form or send us an email to the address below





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