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Planning Social Media Presence in EU Funded Projects

EU funded projects need to interact with the community and communicate their results. Social Media presence is an important component in your communication profile and can provide several benefits for you EU funded project.

First a well planned and frequently updated Social Media profile will ensure that your project received the attention from different audiences that are typical for different Social Networks.

In addition, Social Media can functions as an efficient channel to provide news about the progress of your scientific activities and help you identify mainstream media channels for further collaboration.

In fact, EU funded projects have studied the role that EU funded projects may have on social media and other project are developing interesting tools to quickly verify the veracity of the information derived from different media channels ( Clearly, Social Media is considered an important channel of information and will represent a major source of EU project information.

Another benefit that can be obtained from a well updated Social Media presence is increased visibility of the project webpage in different search engines.  A well-planned and well executed Social Media Strategy will also help you become more visible when internet user are looking and searching for information through different search engines.

Clearly, there are many benefits to harvest from a well planned and performed Social Media Strategy.

Ingemar Pongratz and in particular Sofia Kuhn have extensive experience in using Social Media channels in EU funded activities and we can help you both plan and update your Social Media presence. With our background in research we can help you free many hours for your research activities in EU funded projects

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