Pongratz Consulting invited to join IML

Pongratz Consulting invited to join IML

We are pleased to announced that Pongratz Consulting has been invited to join IML (Innovativa Mindre Life Science Företag). IML is the Swedish Association for Research Intensive Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the medical and life science sector.LOGO IML 214x64

IML works together with the Health Care system to ensure that patients receive the best possible medical care and benefit from the latest research advances in the medical sector. For IML members, the ties to the Health Care sector need to be maintained to ensure that new research findings are quickly transferred to patients. For this purpose, the overarching objective of IML is to establish and maintain close ties to relevant stakeholders to ensure that the research climate in Sweden for SME is improved.

We are therefore very pleased to join IML and to provide advice to the different members of IML on how to plan their participation in European Funding and to provide strategies on how to estabilsih themselves in the European Research Area.

At the yearly IML meeting 2014-03-20 Pongratz Consulting was formally elected into IML and we will work close together to inform the members on the coming Horizon 2020 possibilities.

Our aim is to firmly establish IML as a major European Stakeholder and to support the participation of the IML members in different Horizon 2020 funded projects to make sure that all parties continue develop and expanding their knowledge base.

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